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October 19, 2007


Well, since it seems I will have to find another occupation within the year, I have been wondering if I'd find a niche for my hobby.
I can't seem to keep focus on one thing only though - I sew, knit and like to make jewelery. And I see an opportunity to redesign/recreate old clothing, blankets, boxes, wrapping paper etc etc.
A book like that might be helpful in order to see if I've got what it takes...

Me! I wanna read it!

I quilt & love teaching others to quilt. I want to set up a home-based teaching studio and cut back hours on my other job !

I'd love to be able to figure out what to focus on... At the moment I'm printing fabric and making things from it, but I haven't given up knitting toys. I'm also an illustrator. I suppose my dream is to be able to make a bit of money from crafting so that I'm able to be picky about illustration jobs, and take on jobs that connect, ever so slightly, with the kind of designs I make when I do more crafty things. Ultimately I'd be happy if the craft and the illustration 'fed' each other a bit, instead of being completely separate things!

Well to be honest, although I've been making bath and body care products casually for myself and friends (to a pretty extensive degree) for the last year as well as slings and a whole bunch of baby products as well recently I was given the opportunity to play florist for a wedding and I don't know... things just seem to be coming together in terms of the creative side and just nailing it down a bit more, expanding the vision and allowing myself to figure out the logistics without forgetting it's about making it fun would be great. I love the sound of the book!

I have been lucky enough to be able to focus full-time on crafting starting in about 3 weeks and this book sounds like it will be perfect to help me take the next step from part-time to full-time!

Hi. Would be great to make a little money to pay for materials for projects - and maybe even to allow less dayjob work and more time with munchkin 1 and 2. Have considered creating a charity craft biz to raise funds for orphans. Not sure how to get started.
thanx for the raffle, andrea! you've got me thinking about my options again. cheers!

robyn here. my craft? well, mainly i knit and crochet. as for business dreams, i'd love for my little website "craft and found" (linked here) to take off and become a viable income source! i'd also love to write a book about charity knitting and crocheting, following the same sort of train as my personal blog (warmwithlove.com) ... but for now, i'm stuck writing in my spare time and working as a slave to THE MAN!


After a chance "loan" from my father in law of his fathers old wood lathe, I've been working on turning pens, ornaments, toys, and other items. It started out as just a hobby, and a way to make cute handmade Christmas presents. I've decided to try and take it to the next level, and I am hoping to take my sustainable woodworking idea to a craft fair next year. It would have been this year, but my son to be sort of put a stall in the plans.

I can't stop thinking about it though, and I'm hoping to be able to put something together for next summer. The items I'm thinking of for making are all hand turned, and all using recycled woods, sustainably harvested woods, or eco-freindly woods. I think I'll have things like pens, needle cases, fridge magnets, hand mirrors, and more. Still working on ideas.

Thank you for your generosity to the Crafting scene. Good idea!

-- Badger

I sew. A lot. I make hats, bags, and costumes. I've had a couple of theatrical companies use my costumes I'd love to be able to move this from a hobby to a buisness- that way I can afford to keep doing it!

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